Boiler Installers Bromley


Boiler Installers Bromley

Are you looking for Boiler Installers Bromley? January and February are the months when you need your boiler to be at the top of its game. So if you’re currently nursing a temperamental heating system, or if you’re concerned that it may be Spring before engineers get around to fitting your new boiler, take a look at the 123 Heat website. Our boilers don’t cost a fortune – we offer a great 0% finance deal – and we’ll fit your new one within 24 hours of purchase!

Whatever your reason for buying a new boiler, the aim of 123 Heat boiler installers in Bromley is to make it as straightforward and efficient as possible. We started our boiler installation business because we couldn’t understand why getting a new boiler fitted took so long. We’ve streamlined the process and, guess what, we’re now the leading local provider, with the vast majority of our customers enjoying next day installation.

How Does 123 Heat Boiler Installation Work?

We’ve slimmed down boiler installation in Bromley to 3 simple steps. Here’s what we do:

  1. About You – We get some details from you about how big your home is, how many people live with you, and what boiler you have presently.

  2. About Your New Boiler – As soon as we know the basics, we can provide guidance on choosing the boiler that will best serve the needs of your household. When you’ve selected your boiler, we’ll talk you through our pricing plans. Our most popular 0% finance plan requires just a 10% deposit and then 12 monthly payments.

  3. About Installation – You get to pick when your new boiler is installed. Just give us a date and we’ll schedule it in. Whether it’s next day or next week, our boiler installers in Bromley will be on the case.

Like the sound of what we do? Contact us today and get your boiler installed straight away.

Our Gas Registered Engineers

When it comes to boiler installation, professional standards cannot be compromised. All our boiler installers in Bromley are Gas Safe registered, work to the highest professional standards, and have no less than 5 years’ experience as an installer. 123 Heat makes a three-part promise to every Bromley customer. First, your engineer will arrive promptly at the agreed time. Second, they will install your boiler efficiently. Third, they’ll handover effectively so you know how to operate your heating system.

Types of Boiler 123 Heat Install

There are 3 different kinds of boiler to choose from:

  • The Combi Boiler is the most popular model because it works without the need for a water tank. Instead, water is taken from the mains, heated when needed, and delivered straight to the taps in your home.

  • The Heat Only Boiler requires a water tank which is usually installed in the loft. Water travels down to the boiler where it is heated and then stored in a cylinder for use when required.

  • The System Boiler stores hot water in a cylinder and doesn’t require a tank in the loft.

Looking for Boiler Installers Bromley?

We have one goal, to offer all our Bromley customers a quick and simple way to buy and install a new boiler. We also offer an annual boiler service, or power flush which we can schedule in when convenient for you. 123 Heat also provides boiler installation in: Keston, Elmstead, Chiselhurst, South Norwood, Beckenham and Sydenham

Looking for a fast and efficient boiler installation or upgrade in Bromley? Call 123 Heat straight away and get it installed on your preferred date – 0800 0614762