Boiler Installers in Surrey

Boiler Installers in Surrey

As the evenings draw in and temperatures drop, boiler installation becomes a priority for many Surrey families. Maybe you can’t stand the stress of nursing your old boiler through another winter. Or perhaps you’ve been putting off the process of installing a new boiler because you just don’t know where to start. Whatever your situation, once the decision is made you’ll be wanting your new boiler in place – fast.

Which is what our 123 Heat boiler installers in Surrey are all about! We started our boiler installation business precisely because we wanted to simplify the process of buying and installing a boiler. So we make it easy, and we make it quick. Our customers enjoy next day boiler installation in Surrey – and that includes a consultation on the boiler that will best meet your household needs.

How Does 123 Heat Boiler Installation Work?

With 123 Heat, boiler installation takes just 3 simple steps:

  1. Your Home and Usage – Either message or call us with a few details about your current boiler, the size of your house, and how many are in your household.
  2. Boiler Guidance and Price Plan – Based on the information we receive, we’ll offer detailed guidance on the kind of boiler that would match your requirements. If you want to pay for your boiler up front, that’s fine. Otherwise we have pricing plans that segment the cost with just 10% to pay up front.
  3. Schedule Installation – In the majority of cases we are able to schedule installation for the next day – even if it’s a Sunday. If that’s not convenient, we’ll arrange a time that suits you better.

Gas Registered Engineers

At 123 Heat our reputation is excellent because every member of our team works to the identical high standards. All our engineers are Gas Safe registered. We also require that they have 5 years’ professional experience before starting work with us. We can guarantee that our engineers will arrive promptly, work efficiently, and leave your boiler working perfectly.

Types of Boiler 123 Heat Install

There are 3 different kinds of boiler to choose from:

  • The Combi Boiler doesn’t have a water tank, which makes it quick to install. Water is heated directly from the mains when required.
  • The Heat Only Boiler needs a tank installed in a loft space. Heating is provided directly to the radiators and the tank provides hot water.
  • The System Boiler doesn’t require a tank in the loft, but the hot water is still stored in a cylinder which does have to be installed.

Working With 123 Heat

We hope you’ll find it a quick and simple experience working with 123 Heat boiler installers in Surrey. Most important, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Which means that your boiler is installed promptly, and will be scheduled around your busy life. Sound like a good way to do business? Try us, and see how we live up to our promises.

Do you need a boiler installation in Surrey, fast? Call 123 Heat today and get it installed tomorrow – 0800 0614762