Boiler Installers Maidstone

Boiler Installers Maidstone

How’s your central heating boiler held up this winter? Has it cost you money on repairs? Are you wondering whether it’s time for a more economic system of heating your home? If you’re considering changing your boiler, contact 123 Heat in Maidstone first. We offer a simple and effective way to replace or upgrade your boiler, and we’ll install your new system within 24 hours of first contact. Tempted?

123 Heat is made up of experienced boiler installers in Maidstone with just one goal: to make buying and fitting a boiler simple and affordable for all our local customers. So we’ve streamlined the system and we can now turnaround the purchase, financing and installation of a central heating boiler in Maidstone, in around 24 hours. Read on to find out how we achieve it.

How Does 123 Heat Work so Efficiently?

The 123 Heat team want to be the most efficient provider of gas boilers in Maidstone. To achieve this we have examined every aspect of our customer service and made it as efficient and user-friendly as possible. We’ve now got it down to 3 simple steps:

  1. Tell Us What You Need Call or message us with some basic info. It helps us to know what boiler you have currently, how many people there are in your household, and the size of your home.

  2. We Provide Guidance on Your New Boiler – A member of the team will provide honest advice on the best boiler for your needs, bearing your budget in mind. Then we talk finance. Our most popular plan requires just a 10% deposit, followed by 12 monthly instalments.

  3. Your New Boiler is Installed – We book you in for installation within 24 hours of purchase. If this isn’t convenient for you, we’ll schedule it in for a date that suits you and your family.

123 Heat Gas Registered Engineers

Gas boiler installation is a highly skilled job which is why all our boiler installers in Maidstone are Gas Safe registered. We also require all our employees to have at least 5 years of experience as professional installers. You can expect extremely high standards of customer service from 123 Heat. We guarantee that our installers will turn up promptly, work efficiently, and carry out the installation to industry standards.

Types of Boiler 123 Heat Install

There are 3 different kinds of boiler to choose from:

  • The Combi Boiler – A popular heating system which heats your water from the mains. This means there’s no need for a hot water boiler, or a tank in the loft, and your hot water is delivered directly to your taps at mains pressure.

  • Heat Only Boiler – A system which requires a water tank installed in the loft, and a hot water tank downstairs. Using gravity, water flows down from the water tank to be heated by the boiler and stored for use.

  • System Boiler – Hot water storage is built into the system boiler, which does away with the need for a storage tank in the loft. As with the Combi, water is drawn directly from the mains to be heated by the boiler.

Working With 123 Heat

Our aim at 123 Heat in Maidstone is to offer all our local customers efficient boiler replacement/upgrades, and high quality customer service. Once the installation is complete we’ll explain what work we’ve carried out, how your new boiler works, and show you how to operate it. Your new boiler will be registered with Gas Safe. 123 Heat also provides boiler replacement, boiler upgrades, or boiler servicing in: Aylesford, Bearsted, Chatham, Coxheath, Ditton, Kings Hill and West Malling.

Do you need a boiler installation in Maidstone, fast? Call 123 Heat today and get it installed tomorrow – 0800 0614762