New Boiler Cost (2023) Prices Include Installation

How much does it cost to have a new boiler installed?

New Boiler Cost (2023) Prices Include Installation. A new combi boiler installed

So how much does a new boiler cost in 2023? To see how much a new boiler installed will cost you, answer a few simple questions about your home and GET A QUOTE instantly. The cost of a new boiler in 2023 depends on what type of installation is required to complete the job and the boiler brand you decide on. For example, the high end boilers such as Worcester Bosch and Vaillant are always going to cost you more than a middle of the range boiler such as Ideal or Baxi. With a high end boiler you are likely to get a longer guarantee from the manufacture. However, some of the middle range boilers are now offering some excellent guarantees also.

There are two different types of installations that we offer. We offer a straight swap which means that you will swap your current boiler for the same type of boiler. E.g. a combi boiler for a new combi boiler, a heat only (regular) boiler for a new heat only (regular) boiler or a system boiler for a new system boiler. We also offer system conversions which normally means you would like to replace your heat only (regular) boiler or system boiler with a new combi boiler. This can involve more work, therefore will cost you more. However, converting your system should work better for you if you are in the right type of household and should save you money on your bills in the future.

What is included in the price?

So what does a new boiler cost, what am I paying for and does the price include installation?

  • The products needed. This normally includes a new boiler, a new flue for the boiler, a new thermostat to allow you to control or programme your new boiler, a new carbon monoxide alarm and a magnetic filter which is also required to be fitted within your heating system to uphold the warranty of your new boiler.
  • The labour cost. The price that you are paying also includes the labour of a Gas Safe engineer to come and install your new boiler.
  • The paperwork. Your new boiler will be registered with Gas Safe and with the manufacturer to ensure your warranty is valid. Once your boiler is registered with the manufacture they are liable for all labour and part cost for the whole time your boiler is in warranty. Just make sure you have your boiler serviced each year.

How can I make my boiler install affordable?

The cost of a new boiler can be very expensive. 123 Heat offer a 0% finance option to allow you to spread the cost of your new boiler replacement over 12 months. For example, if your chosen boiler package including installation costs a total of £2200, your monthly instalments would cost you £183.33 a month. To find out how much your boiler package and install would cost you GET A QUOTE today.

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